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Find Innovative and Effective Private Tutors in Toronto at The Tutor Group

Toronto private tutoring and educational consultant service The Tutor Group™ is the gold standard option for students looking to supplement their schooling with an in-home tutor. In Toronto, one-on-one tutorials are available in the family home, parent's office or student's school.

Tutoring by TTG Tutors can provide valuable and effective student assistance in several different ways, including:

Our experienced, professional tutors specialize in specific content areas such as maths and sciences, French, English as a Second Language, reading comprehension, written expression, study and organizational skills, research and essay writing etc. Most subjects at the elementary and high school level are available, along with selected postsecondary courses and adult tutoring.

Students having difficulty with current schoolwork often require remediation alongside classroom support; those needing more academic challenge benefit from enrichment, while bridging helps those whose new school uses different and often more challenging curricula, standards or expectations.

Special Tutoring Services (additional fees apply)

  1. “Core Tutoring” is used by students writing standardized examinations or school entrance tests, who need to strengthen their core knowledge (and test scores) in a particular content area (eg. Algebra and Geometry, vocabulary, essayʼ/writing sample). Core Tutoring may be accompanied by Test Tips or Test Taking Skills supports or stand alone.

  2. “Mentor-tutoring” is another premium service provided by TTG specialty tutors. This highly individualized process is increasingly in demand, as it allows the most challenging, interesting, and often very bright students access to academic support (remedial, classroom support or enrichment) that they might otherwise refuse. Mentor tutoring is available daytime hours Mondays to Fridays during the school day as well as during more traditional tutoring times.

Through alternative approaches, creative strategies, considerable intuition and shared humour, our mentor tutors, under direct guidance from TTG Director Janyce Lastman, use the student's strengths and passions to tackle more sensitive, weaker areas. They develop highly individualized programs promoting social and life-skills, problem solving and progressive independence. Mentor tutoring requires much patience, enthusiasm and energy, as its success is dependent upon developing the personal relationship first, gradually forging a bond of mutual trust and respect

For further details about our tutoring philosophy, policies and procedures, please visit the FAQ and “About Us – Tutors” sections on this site. You are also encouraged to call the office for additional details on any of our tutoring services, or for help in determining which is best for your child or situation.