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Education Consulting and Case Management

at The Tutor Group

Support for all types of students and their families.  Special Education students including Gifted and Talented learners, At-Risk and High-Risk children, teens and young adults; and those with Developmental Differences and their families are particularly welcome.

No two education consultants or case managers do things quite the same way, and every family situation is unique. However, there are some basic commonalities.

Education Consultation is typically short term, intensive and addresses specific questions. The consult mandate is clearly defined from the start, though may shift slightly with time.

As an Education Consultant, Janyce is familiar with a wide range of private schools, many local public/separate schools and alternative options, as well as enrichment, remedial and supplementary programming, certifications and diploma paths. She can assist parents and students from the application or portfolio and interview process through entrance testing and decision making. Most importantly, she helps match students to schools and placements that are “just right”, whether locally or around the world. School Placement Consultation can take students and families through each stage of the education process, from preschool to grade school, graduation and beyond.

But not all everyone wants or needs to change schools.

Janyce also recommends specific strategies, courses and supports from summer enrichment credits and community service opportunities, to classroom accommodations and strategic course selections. These can enhance a student’s overall education and knowledge, as well as improve their overall experience in any school. Far too often, we define academic success by marks, test scores or letter grades alone, far too often. In fact, these are but one factor influencing future success in the adult world. As a result, Janyce’s recommendations go well beyond grades or even knowledge (“hard skills”). She also stresses key complementary (“soft”) learning skills often overlooked, such as goal-setting, initiative, creativity, flexible and social thinking on a personal as well as global scale, communication skills, conflict resolution, academic self-esteem, self-advocacy and resilience.

On the other hand, Case Management covers multiple areas and is a broader, more fluid form of consultation. For her Case Management clients, Janyce often creates and supervises support teams, coordinates services, enrichment activities or therapeutic interventions. Simply put, she helps families investigate, plan, evaluate, adjust and prioritize over time. Case Management services can peak and decrease several times over a longer period, yet families still receive focused advice and recommendations similar to Consultation clients. However, these families also benefit from Janyce’s hands-on management of their case and continued familiarity with each student’s situation over time.

As Case Manager, Janyce has extensive experience and expertise. She understands harder-to-serve as well as highly selective students of all ages, and how best to evaluate “what’s out there” whether new or long-established. These students’ learning, language, emotional, health or legal challenges alongside their strengths, mean their families also benefit from support through this process. So Janyce’s recommendations, referrals and guidance often include alternatives forms of assessment or specialist intervention, adaptive programming, resources and technology, supports whether at home, school or in the community, along with alternative placements out-of-home.

Additionally, Janyce is familiar with a wide variety of innovative, reputable and highly effective outdoor education/therapeutic wilderness programs, emotional growth boarding schools, residential treatment options, transitional living as well as specialized settings promoting life skills or independent living across North America.