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#1829 - 3230 Yonge Street.
Toronto, ON M4N 3P6 Canada
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Phone: (416) 221-0018
Fax: (416) 221-0057

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You can reach us by telephone at (416) 221-0018 from Mondays through Thursdays during business hours, or feel free to leave a confidential voicemail.

Alternatively, you may send a confidential fax to (416) 221-0057, or email the office at any time.

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Our mailing address is:
The Tutor Group
#1829 - 3230 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M4N 3P6 Canada

Confidential packages can be dropped off or sent by courier, and will be signed for at our attended mailbox at First Class Business Stores, located at 3230 Yonge Street (north of Lawrence Ave.) First Class Business is open business hours Mondays through Fridays, plus most Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm. Packages or envelopes left at our mailbox should specify Attention: Janyce Lastman or Attention: The Tutor Group.

PLEASE NOTE: some versions of Google Street View have a glitch that frustrates us! The street address indicator in the map’s top left corner may incorrectly show as 3269 Yonge St. (as seen in this image). Despite this, our mailing address, as well as the First Class Business storefront that receives our mail and packages, is still 3230 Yonge Street (Box #1829), Toronto ON Canada M4N 3P6.

We don’t like glitches – especially this sort. We’ve notified Google. We’re still waiting on the fix..