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Read what TTG families and students say about our tutors…

“I had to bargain with my son to accept a tutor. He fought me on it for a long time. He said he felt ashamed and didn’t want his friends to know. Luckily, his tutor is patient, funny and they share similar interests. When he got his last report card, my son was so proud, and so was I. He even thanked me for getting him the tutoring.”

- Father of Gifted/Learning disabled son, Grade 8. Subjects Tutored: Writing Skills, Math Concepts, Project Management, General Homework Support. 2011

“It has been really helpful to know that our tutor is available for our daughter should she wish additional sessions (beyond what is scheduled). Recently when our daughter had a high-stress math test, she requested and contacted her tutor (independently) for another session to help her get ready. Also, our tutor is just lovely to deal with, and very motivating for our daughter. It is also VERY helpful to have someone come to our house for a change!”

- Parents of hard-working but anxious 12-year-old girl with learning disabilities, at a mainstream prep school. Subjects Tutored: Grade 7 and 8 Written Expression; Homework and Project Management; other subjects (Math, Science, Geography, Art) as needed. 2008

“The only word to describe our tutor is EXCELLENT in every way. I’ve also had good reports after referring your services to friends and neighbours. Thank you!!!

- Mother of teenage girl (typical teen challenges) and preteen boy (Gifted/NLD). Subjects Tutored: Math, French, General Study and Organizational Skills (Grade 7 – 10); Homework Support, Math Facts, Spelling, Creative Activities (Grades 2 -6). 2008

“Both my children eagerly anticipate our tutor’s arrival. They even stop watching TV IMMEDIATELY when she arrives (nothing but this can make them stop “immediately”). Her enthusiasm and innovative teaching methods make both of them light up when she is tutoring.”

- Mother of sons in JK and SK. Subjects tutored: Enrichment and school readiness including reading/printing skills, following directions, directed play. 2006

“I got into all my universities I applied for, and had three scholarship offers. My high Math and Science marks made the difference. My tutor helped motivate me and made sure I really understood the material at a deep level. He even taught me the units that my teacher skipped when we ran out of time at the end of the year. “

- Grade 12 student at local high school, applying to Engineering programs. Subjects tutored: Calculus, Advanced Functions, Physics. 2009

“We love our tutor’s positive attitude towards learning! Her cheerful disposition is great!”

- Parent of daughter in Grade 5 with reading issues. Subjects Tutored: Reading (oral, silent and comprehension, general homework assistance). 2008

“We really feel our tutors saved the boys’ academic self-esteem and perhaps even our marriage! … When #1 son wanted to drop math and science even though he’d been talking about a career in medicine, we knew he needed tutoring. His tutors were lifesavers! When the younger one got to high school, he asked for the very same tutors! … The older boy entered Medical School this year – and the younger one does volunteer hours as a peer tutor at his high school!” 2008

- Parents of sons now 21 and 17, attending a large public high school for the arts. Subjects tutored: Math 9 and 10, Advanced Functions and Calculus, Chemistry and Biology plus study and organizational skills, test taking and time management.

“Thank you for finding the perfect tutor for our granddaughter who does French as well as History, Sociology and Drama! She is a welcome face in our home every week and is always responsive to our requests for more help before major tests or culminating tasks. Sometimes we wish she could just move in here!”

- Grandparents of teen girl age 15 attending prep school 2009

“We appreciate our tutor’s candor, honest and objective assessment of our child’s performance and abilities. He is genuinely interested in our child’s development and learning experiences. We no longer require tutoring because the psychologist who referred us to you, happily reports that our child is now reading and writing at expected grade level, and we are thrilled!”

- Parents of child, age 12 with recently diagnosed language-based learning disability. 2006

“We have tried other tutors but they never helped. With this tutor, my daughter is now able to read independently at a Beginner level, which we’ve been trying to achieve for almost 10 years. Our tutor is very accommodating, patient and understanding regarding my daughter’s medical and special learning needs. Great job! “

- Mother of girl, age 16 with MID (mild intellectual disability) and seizure disorder. Subjects Tutored: Early Literacy Skills, Sight Words and introductory life skills reading. 2010

“I just wanna tell U guys that I LOVEEEEEEE my tutor. Well, not real love, but U know what I mean. (And don’t worry, I don’t write like this 4 schoolwork!)”

- Girl age 14, Grade 9. Subjects tutored: English, Canadian Geography, Science. 2010

“ Our tutor taught our son how to use the (adaptive) program software in only a few weeks – and now he can do it easily, all by himself. We thought this would take much longer than in actually did.”

- Parents of boy age 13 with grapho-motor challenge (difficulty writing thoughts down clearly, legibly or in an organized fashion). Subjects Tutored: Dragon Naturally Speaking software and personal computer organizational skills 2009

“This tutor made great progress with my son, not only with assignments, but with remediation. She clicks with her students and has a wonderful disposition. She is professional and accommodating but not a pushover, which was exactly what my son needed. … And thanks Ziny, thanks Janyce, for being there when things got rough. You are both a great support in the journey through these teenage years.”

- Parent of boy age 14-16 in high-achieving private religious school with double curriculum. Subjects Tutored: All subjects in Grades 9 and 10 except certain religious studies courses. 2005

“We had the best ESL tutor. She has nice and kind manners (sic), and always so pretty and very fun. Now we can working independently (sic). We miss her very much.”

- Sisters ages 19 and 22 recently immigrated to Canada, attending university part‐time. Subjects tutored: ESL including grammar, vocabulary development, idioms, reading comprehension, ESL entrance test preparation, adjustment to new community. 2010

“The Tutor Group has been an exceptional service for us over the years... our friends all agree... keep up the great work... we will continue to recommend you and your tutors!”

Mother of injury-plagued teen athlete on alternative high school schedule, with university scholarship aspirations. 2011.

“I applied to (tutor with) TTG because I heard great things about you. Not only do you have high standards for your tutors and deliver quality services, but... provide your tutors with plenty of communication and support, and strive to match each student with just the right tutor. It also helped that other tutors praised you as just awesome people to work with…!”

From a new tutor, contrasting working with TTG against his previous experiences at other agencies. We think it quite neatly reflects who we are, what we do well and how we are different. 2011.