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We have seen a couple (Education Consultants) but the best by far is Janyce Lastman (416-221-0018). She really tried to get a full picture of the child: personality, academically, socially, etc. She knows the juicy tidbits about the schools and she'll give you the straight goods. She's not afraid to steer you away from schools you thought were great and point you to other schools you never would have considered. She is a delightful person to speak to and definitely knows her stuff. She spent some time with our daughter, who just loved her. She'll also come to your home in the evening for the consultation which was great for us. She is very good at what she does and therefore is in a position to be on the higher end of the cost spectrum. My dear husband (who was reluctant to see her) was very impressed and now really considers what she had said. We were looking at private schools at the time but she did know about the public schools as well. You won't be disappointed!

Mother of gifted and precocious daughter, considering elementary school placements As posted on forum for parents of gifted and talented learners May 2007

Janyce Lastman is one of the most ethical and compassionate people I know. Her dedication to education, in the most comprehensive sense of the word, and to the very diverse field of "alternative" forms of public education (not all teachers are in classrooms!) is also proof positive that she is committed to creating a healthier society through her grassroots approach. I have known her in both of our various incarnations; I was her Grade 13 French teacher at the Alternative and Independent Study Program where it first came to my attention that she is the kind of enlightened and compassionate individual who is committed to the ideal of helping people achieve their full potential.

Bob Fisher, The Philosophical Traveller January, 2011

Janyce Lastman and The Tutor Group have been an invaluable resource to us over the years helping us navigate the education system with our three daughters, identifying ways to support their individual learning styles, assisting with course selections, and providing insights about alternatives.
Most recently, we turned to Janyce for advice on university course selections, and again her knowledge of post secondary institutions was brilliant! Trying to make sure our children make the right choices and have all the best opportunities can be complicated and time-consuming. We count ourselves fortunate to be able to turn to Janyce and The Tutor Group for real expertise.

- Parents of 3 teenage daughters all of whom attend public high school for the Arts.
February 2011

Hi Janyce, I got my SAT scores today! I improved like you said I would, here are my scores: Reading - 680    Math - 790    Writing - 770    Total - 2210
My last ones were:
Reading - 650    Math - 760    Writing - 690    Total - 2130
So my composite score is:
Reading - 680    Math - 790    Writing - 770    Total - 2240
I'm so happy! Thanks so much for all of your help!!

- SAT Prep student in Reading and Writing only (no Math) applying to competitive American universities (Fall 2009)

Thank you Janyce - we are thrilled with the results.

- Mother of SAT Prep student above (Fall 2009)

Thank you Janyce! And for the record, before (my husband) arrived at the meeting, I had already told Dr I that I wanted to be more like 'you' because you were so smart, so together and you never back down! Thanks for your continued help!

- Mother to young adult with dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse issues)

I nominate Janyce Lastman as a Community Builder of the highest order: one who recognizes strengths in others, fosters them and helps them grow, so that they, in turn, can contribute most effectively. As Director of the Tutor Group, advocate for children, author, case manager and consultant, Janyce Lastman has helped countless special-needs children realize their potential.
Families like mine with special-needs children often struggle to access appropriate services, care, education and/or treatment. Yet these children, whether they have learning disabilities, ADHD or autism, have so much to offer their respective communities.
Janyce’s vast knowledge of law, special education, public and private education systems, child and adolescent mental health, and community services is best described as “dizzying.”
Armed with such expertise, Janyce works every day, and many nights, to keep these children from falling through the cracks. She coaches. She counsels. She networks. She advocates. She educates. She cares. The community of learning-disabled and special-needs children and their families could do with a thousand more like her.
For decades, Janyce has helped Toronto children and their families. It would mean so much to me, and to all of us whom she has helped, to see her honoured for the vital work she does.

Written by single parent of intellectually gifted at-risk teen with additional special needs. Nomination for the 2006 “Community Building” Awards sponsored by the Toronto Star.

From the parents of a very bright but troubled son with complex emotional, behavioural and learning challenges, and developing mental health concerns. His level of conflict with the family members was extreme at the time of his placement. He attended therapeutic wilderness, followed by a specialized American residential treatment program. He graduated from high school from within his RTC after several challenging years of individual and family work, then returned to his home community for post-secondary studies. These updates cover a 6+ year period after completion of the specialized residential program.

(Fall 2005) Our son has made a good adjustment (after high school graduation from an American RTC). He is living with relatives near the University during the week, and visits us on weekends and some weekdays. He's doing very well in all his courses - his favourite is psychology, and heʼs thinking of possibly majoring in it. Heʼs been seeing a local psychologist himself (to continue personal counselling). He has reconnected with old local friends who were always a good influence, and kept in touch with former classmates and staff from his RTC. Heʼs active at the gym, started back playing his favourite team sport, and accompanies us to social events and visits. Friends and family tell us that he has changed into a mature young man.
We are grateful for everything good that has happened, especially as we acknowledge that it hasn't been a smooth ride. Thanks for all you have done for us, Janyce. Our son may not be completely out of the woods yet but he is certainly headed in the right direction, and we are eternally grateful for your help.

Best Regards, Dr. and Mrs. P, Alberta

(Update from Fall 2006) Our son continues doing well. Last year, he earned two scholarships for his efforts. This year is more challenging but he appears to be working hard and motivating himself without anyone around to push him.
He continues to live with relatives and we see him at least once a week. He earned his driver's license and uses the car when he visits, but takes the bus otherwise. Last summer, he spent time with me, his brother and his grandfather visiting Eastern Europe - we had a grand time and it was definitely an unforgettable experience for all, especially the boys. Two weeks afterward, he left for a 10 day trip to Alaska to visit one of his former RTC school mates. We are planning another big family trip shortly.
We'll keep you posted on further developments...

Dr. P, Alberta

(Update from Fall 2010) Our son is currently completing his nursing degree in our home community. After a medical mission to South America in 2008 he was inspired and encouraged by many individuals to pursue a nursing career. He is very happy with the choice, doing well in school and getting marks in the B+ range. He studied Spanish by immersion, and later travelled around Central America for more Spanish instruction. He will soon embark on his third medical mission with CAMTA as a Spanish translator. Last year, he moved into a downtown condominium blocks away from school and lives with his brother now who is also in university. It is wonderful and incredible to us parents that these two can live together successfully. He is currently self-supporting, along with student loans for school. Someone he worked with in South America has offered him a summer job in a hospital here in town. He spends his spare time weight training, yoga and cooking and has a wide circle of good friends. He may return to visit his old RTC shortly when he visits his sister who is completing her medical specialist degree out East.
Thank you once again Janyce. We will be forever grateful for all you have done for us!

Dr. and Mrs. P, Alberta

Hi Janyce,
I don't think words can ever express how grateful we are to have met you. Someone sent us an angel, that angel is you. M is doing exceptionally well at.
Three weeks ago, had an open house, we met all of M's grade 9 teachers. Every teacher had only positive things to say about M, for example, M is very focused and attentive in class, M participates in class, M always completes his home work sometimes before an assignment is due, M is a pleasure to have in my class, and his English teacher said, "I am very fortunate to have M in my class."
After hearing all of these positive remarks, I was very emotional. As you may recall, ever since M was in grade 1, every teacher complained about him. (He wasn't focussed and a day dreamer, disruptive, not able to do the work or understand the work etc....)
I just got a phone call today, from M's homeroom teacher. She said that M's current average right now is 79%. He is determined to make the honour roll, and is sooooo happy and confident.
We truly feel that if we hadn't met you, M would have continued to struggle through school, and the end result would be total failure and his confidence totally destroyed.
Once again, on behalf of my husband and I (and M) we thank you for your knowledge, help and perseverance we are so happy you came into our lives.

Yours truly, M’s mother (Fall 2007)

I know Janyce Lastman quite well; it has got to be going on 10 years now. She is a wealth of information and I feel the money (to have her consult to our marketing cooperative of north-eastern US schools) would be well spent...
Canada holds its own unique marketing opportunity and we should utilize her knowledge in this regard.

Deanna Valente, Programs and Admissions Director: Ironwood School, Maine (2007)

“Delighted that this family followed my recommendation to see you. You’re the best – and therefore give the best advice on everything from ACT vs. SAT to how to score higher on standardized exams of all kinds. Don’t know where I or my students would be without you. I am a great fan of your practice and of you personally! Thanks again.”

Janet McLeod, Post-Secondary Consultant, McLeod Consulting Services. 2011.

“I think you stand alone in the land of Educational Consultants. I have always been impressed with your professionalism, inspired by your REAL understanding of children and their issues, and respectful of your commitment of the lives of these kids, even long after they leave your orbit.”

Paola Breda, Director: GAP Academy, Toronto, 2011