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Education Consulting And
Case Management

at The Tutor Group

(including Special Education Students, At-Risk and High-Risk Children and Youth, and Young Adults with Developmental Differences)

While no two education consultants or case managers do exactly the same thing, and every case is unique, here is a brief overview of Janyce Lastman’s Education Consultation and Case Management practice. As an education consultant, Janyce is familiar with a wide range of private schools and programs, and many local public/separate school options, and can assist parents and students with the application, interview or portfolio process. She helps match children and teens to just the "right" schools and programs, whether locally or internationally through each stage of their education, from grade school to graduation.

But not all clients want or need to change schools.

Janyce also recommends specific strategies and supports, whether summer enrichment programs, community service opportunities, classroom accommodations or strategic course selection, to enhance the particular student’s overall education experience. Academic success is too often defined solely by marks, test scores or letter grades. But in fact, they are but one factor contributing to the likelihood of future success in the adult world, Janyce’s recommendations can also address specific ways to bolster key complementary learning skills including goal-setting, initiative, creativity, flexible thinking, social and communication skills, resilience and conflict resolution, academic self-esteem and self-advocacy, etc.

As a case manager, Janyce also has extensive experience in and expertise with understanding how best to assist and place hard-to-serve children, youth and young adults. Whether struggling with learning, emotional, medical, legal or other life challenges (or some combination of these factors), Janyce also supports the family through the process. Information, referrals or guidance can address alternative forms of assessment or specialist intervention, adaptive programming, resources and technology, supports at home, school or in the community, and alternatives for placement outside the home where needed. Additionally, Janyce is familiar with a variety of innovative, reputable and highly effective outdoor education/therapeutic wilderness programs, emotional growth boarding schools, residential treatment options, transitional schools and programs, as well as specialized settings promoting life skills or independent living across North America.