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Young girl and her tutor puzzle over problem at the computer keyboard.The Tutor Group™ is a private tutoring and education consulting service operating in Toronto and across the GTA since 1979, under the supervision of Janyce Lastman LL.B, Education Consultant and Case Manager.

We believe that in-home tutoring using one-on-one tutorials offers many advantages. Students feel more at ease in the familiar comfort of their own homes, the burden of transportation is removed, and tutors can model study and organizational skills within the home study space. In addition, families feel more connected to the tutorial process, and feedback from your private tutor is readily available. Our tutors work closely with parents while respecting older students' need for independence, and will gladly liaise with school staff or other professionals with consent.

The Tutor Group™ offers private one-on-one tutoring in a wide variety of traditional subjects for most grade levels and ages, from Phonics and Math Facts to French and Physics. Support is also available in Study and Organization Skills, Essay Writing, Project Management etc.

Test Preparation (Test Prep) is another popular program, whether for required tests such as EQAO and OSSLT, private school entrance exams including SSAT, or tests for the post-secondary and graduate environment such as PSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE and others. Our broad experience in test-taking and personalized guidance gives students an added advantage. Students learn to show what they truly know on specific tests of choice after targeted practice and an insider’s look into standardized test design.

There can be no true teaching without first reaching a student – and those who attempt to get there by preaching soon negate both.

- Janyce Lastman, Education Consultant and TTG Director

Young man with Down’s.  Relocating family.  Athletic scholarship applicant.  Child with medical needs.  All education consult clients.

Janyce Lastman LL.B., Director: The Tutor Group
Education Consultant and Case Manager

More than 25 years experience in educational consulting, specializing in:

School Placement Consultation | Case Management Services | General Education Consulting

School Placement with Janyce Lastman simply means helping families understand how to choose a school. An individualized school placement consultation is the next best thing to a personal “guide to schools” for each child and situation. School placement consultations include recommendations for “best fit” programs and how to access them, whether around the block or across the globe.

Parents of young children just entering school, relocating families, or those experiencing language or cultural differences often especially appreciate an insider’s look at what today’s public and private school systems can offer in their communities. Insight into varying educational philosophies from Montessori to Waldorf, parochial (religion-based) to Independent, and specialty streams such as French Immersion, alternative schools, special education options, and specialized high school programs, is also available.

Case Management with Janyce Lastman provides broad-based guidance and hands-on support for hard-to-serve cases involving either high-conflict families, or children, teens, or young adults with complex learning, emotional or medical special needs. Advocacy work involves professional support for each case, defending rights in context of responsibilities for all parties; negotiating the education system successfully and with quiet confidence; and thus minimizing adversarial, aggressive or alienating experiences for all.

General Education Consulting with Janyce Lastman provides support, guidance, resources and referrals regarding students with varying strengths and needs on all ends of the spectrum. Parents and family members including students themselves, receive guidance and/or direction about a broad range of matters impacting current or future education plans. Requests for issue-specific professional consults including teachers, education assistants, therapists, parent coordinators and private tutors outside TTG are warmly welcomed, whether regarding their own caseloads, or upon a client’s request. Third-party billing options may be available.

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While the majority of our clients are local, several services are highly transferrable. Whether you are nearby, elsewhere in Canada, or are internationally located, we would be pleased to answer any further questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us directly.

Choosing the best school not only involves consumer research, but a willingness to compromise and settle. It’s not unlike choosing a job, spouse or home. To paraphrase the rock legend Mick Jagger: you won’t always get what you want – so you must know what your child needs. An education consultation can clarify which features are absolute “musts” in a school for your child, versus those you prefer but are not essential – and will also remind you that anything else is simply a bonus.

- Janyce Lastman, Education Consultant and TTG Director